My Favorite Tea

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Coming Out of the Tea Closet: My Favorite Tea

by JT Herself

Suffice it to say, I talk about tea A LOT.  I mean, for a living.  I am co-founder of a tea school (Las Vegas Tea Series), co-founder of the Las Vegas Tea Fest and I own Joy’s Teaspoon.  On top of that I do special events with local businesses, church groups and student associations.  Inevitably, I get the “What’s your favorite tea?” question in almost every Q&A.  This question is akin to asking a mom who her favorite child is.  Or better yet, which of the Spice Girls I think rocked the hardest at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies?  You can’t pick just one!  But if I am truly being honest with myself, there is one particular tea that I just can’t quit…

I first fell in love with tea in a little shop called Todd & Holland Tea Merchants located in Forest Park, IL.  I was visiting my sister who had just moved to Chicago and had no idea what loose leaf tea was all about.  After a green tea tasting event with Bill Todd, I was hooked.  Japanese Cherry was one of four teas that I purchased that day and have coveted ever since.  It’s a pretty straight forward tea blend: green tea, sour cherries and flavoring.  Every time I drink it I think of that wonderful first eye opening tea experience: the joy of tasting loose leaf tea for the first time, the ritual of steeping the leaves and the acceptable slurping.  Now, I love good oolongs, Assams and Ceylon teas.  But hot or cold, morning or afternoon, I am never disappointed with a cup of Japanese Cherry.

That said, what’s your favorite?  The Association of Tea Bloggers (of whom I am a proud member) is hosting the 1st Annual Tea Blogger’s Choice Awards and I want to nominate YOUR favorites.  Give a shout out for your favorite tea, by August 31st, via a comment on this post, Facebook, Twitter or email me at  Any brand, any blend!  Results to be posted once they come out.

And in case you are wondering…this post was inspired by a Blog Carnival sponsored by the Association of Tea Bloggers as well!  To view other “Favorite Tea” posts, please visit the following blogs:

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Joy's Teaspoon is a family-run loose leaf tea business based in Las Vegas, NV. We enjoy sourcing our teas directly from the farmer whenever possible and love telling their stories!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Tea”

  1. My go-to, hands down, all around favorite is probably a good cup of Genmaicha. Although, I adore Joy’s Teaspoons Genmaicha, I’m admittedly not very picky when it comes to toasted rice in my green tea. I’ll drink just about anyone’s and be thankful for it. It’s toasty and warm on a raining Seattle day but also bright and nutty for some fun in the sun time. It goes FANTASTICALLY with Sushi (my favorite food) but is also great with just about anything else.

    Earl Grey comes in a close second but my heart was won over by Genmaicha and no other tea will come before it.

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